Covid 19 Policy

We believe that together we can have a safe, fun and crazy event. This can be done when all of us will be responsible and take care about each other.

**Because of COVID, things changing very fast so rules bellow can be changed anytime.


Ukraine Entry Requirements

Here is the link to the Ukrainian Government website which outlines entry requirements during COVID 19:

PCR and rapid tests

To make your trip as safe as it possible, all attendees must have negative PCR test when they come. It low the risks of virus spreading on event. We encourage you to do rapid tests during event, but it is not mandatory.

During event we’ll randomly do temperature screening of attendees.

Masks are not mandatory

During to Ukrainian laws masks are not required to be worn during event. In any case, please feel free to keep wearing them if it makes you feel safer.

Hand Sanitizing

Sanitizer stations will be placed around the venue. Please use them frequently.

Kiwi team covid status

All members of Kiwi team are vaccinated 2+ doses and will be tested before and during event. We encourage all of you to do the same.


Do not attend if you are not feeling well

All of us are responsible for ourselves and other dancers. So, if you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms of Covid 19 please stay home and not attend. Learn more about the symptoms of Covid 19 here:

WHO Information on Symptoms of Covid 19


What if you feel unwell at the event?

If you feel unwell during event, stay in your hotel room, and do not attend the event activities. Contact us immediately, we will be happy to help. If one person in a room feels unwell, then all roommates should also start isolation.

Covid 19 Refunds

If you fall ill due to Covid 19 in the lead up, or at the event itself, we’ll be glad to refund you your event ticket cost fully or partially. Amount of refund will be depended on total number of tickets cancelled due to illness:

Please note that we can refund your ticket only if your illness is proven by medical documents. In any case you can contact us. We will be happy to discuss your question.